Meet the Voyager!


Voyager: delivering power, traction, speed and stability

The Voyager performance and simplicity delivers a vehicle that is exceptionally easy to use. The three speed, combined hydrostatic drive driven by a 275 horsepower engine brings fluid power to four final drives powering this vehicle up slopes as great as 70 percent (35 degrees). State of the Art 3 Axis Articulation maintains connection between the front and rear car even when turning while climbing. Its max fording depth of 48 inches will get you across brooks, ditches and even shallow lakes and rivers.

Never get stuck again!

With 32 feet of 33-inch wide track on the ground, the Voyager’s exceptionally low ground pressure of 2.0 psi unloaded and 4.1 psi fully loaded gives high flotation and lets you transit environmentally sensitive areas while leaving only a slight footprint.

The front car can be an open or closed cab, configured for 5 or 6 passengers and has a rear deck which can be used to mount a crane.  The interchangeable rear car can be configured for 12 Passengers;  Dump Box;  Flat Bed;  Fuel or Water Transport;  Container Roll On/Roll Off. 

Go off road with confidence, Go Voyager.

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