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Meet the Voyager!


Voyager: Innovated first hybrid articulated tracked vehicle

The Voyager FIRST HYBRID-ELECTRIC ARTICULATED TRACKED VEHICLE, designed to offer maximum performance at all times. The Voyager is a Four-track carrier with extreme mobility, low ground pressure and a patented suspension design providing constant contact with the ground and improved operator and passenger comfort.

No terrain too challenging

Excellent traction allows the Voyager to climb a 35-degree slope with a full load. Heavy-Duty electric traction motors deliver speeds of up to 20 mph and peak torque when needed. A Fording depth of 57 inches and 22 inches of ground clearance make it possible to cross swamps and shallow water. Furthermore, the engineers at UTV International are in the process of developing a floating version of the vehicle.

Save on maintenance and fuel costs while reducing environmental impact

Reduced overall emissions contribute to an overall lower carbon footprint and extreme mobility make the Voyager the best preforming tracked vehicle on the market. Hybrid-electric drive delivers more torque and speed while consuming 15 percent less fuel. The diesel-electric drivetrain performs better in extreme cold weather and will offer unparalleled reliability due to the simplified drivetrain. Additionally, the electric drivetrain eliminates the risk of environmental contamination present in hydrostatic drivetrains.

Whatever your dream, Voyager can realize it

The Voyager modular design for the rear car with quickly interchangeable modules can be configured for a 12-passenger cab, dump box, flat bed, fuel or water tank or even mount firefighting equipment. Furthermore, many options are available for the rear of the front car: Service Crane, 500-gallon Fuel Tank, Storage deck, large Toolbox or even welding equipment power through onboard inverter when engine is not being used for traction.

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